Win more customers and spend less time doing it

Estimation and quoting is just part of the job. It’s not the part that you or your potential customer enjoy, so get it done quickly and correctly. Then, move on to the project… that’s what everyone is really excited about anyway.

Using spreadsheets? No problem. We can help with your team’s transition to Ascend.


Real-time Collaboration

Work together with team members anywhere in the world. See changes live as they type.

Powerful Templates

Save your favorite quotes and cost categories as templates to quickly and easily use them for planning new bids. Create, customize, send.

Adjustable Margins

Set target margins as an organization, then increase or decrease it at the quote, cost category, or line item for ultimate flexibility.

Customer History

View a history of your customer's estimates and quotes in one place for instant access to the lifetime value and full sales story.

Contingency Planning

Factor in uncertainty with contingency planning. Create ballpark estimates and come back to fine-tune them later when more of the plans are ready.

Integrated Solutions

Discover our integrated suite of tools to improve project workflow. Get in touch for custom solutions.

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