Just Launched: Send Proposals Your Way

Cartoon hand pressing send on a smart phone and a carrier pigeon responding

This week we released a new feature that lets you send proposals through a long list of third-party services.

The new feature will eventually be available to all users, but for a limited time we are inviting any organization to opt-in at no additional cost through our open beta roll-out. With the new feature enabled, you can send a proposal as soon as it is ready, without leaving Ascend.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing use cases and instructions for setting up a variety of integrations. If there is a specific service you are hoping to integrate, let us know.

Building a Workflow

Connecting services to form a workflow helps reduce the potential impact of tedious tasks, on the sides of human error and the amount of time spent.

Curious whether we support your specific tool? We can answer that.

Here are a few ideas for connecting the send proposal workflow to save your team time and money:

Send Proposals for E-Signature
Mans hands e-signing with phone

Connect your team’s e-sign tool of choice. We support quite a few services through our integration partners, including SignNow, SignRequest, HelloSign, and Docusign.

Send Proposals to Your CRM

Make sure your sales leads have access to everything at their fingertips and send proposals to your CRM as they are completed. Whether you are using Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot CRM, Zoho, or a list of others, we can keep it up-to-date with information about what’s been sent to your prospective customers, by whom, and when.

Send Proposals to File Storage
Cluster of tools around a computer with a quote.

Enable your team to send PDF versions of your proposals to your long-term document or file storage, for example Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or even AWS.

Send Proposals with Your Email Service

Is your team already using an email service as a hub for sales and marketing activities? You can connect and send proposals through a list of popular services like Gmail, SendGrid, Outlook, and more.

The Possibilities are Endless

Want more than one of the optimizations above? We can make that a reality. Ascend is built for flexibility and we’ve chosen integration partners that create options.

Ready to Try it?

If you already have an account, contact us and we will help get the new feature added to your account. If you don’t have an account, request a free trial and our team will connect with you about your integration needs during onboarding.

For the Tech-Enabled

If you are comfortable working with webhooks and automation services like Zapier, you will be able to get this setup quickly and find a lot of flexibility in getting it working with your company’s unique needs. Otherwise, we’re here to help.

Our support team is available to help users throughout the open beta roll-out.